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twelve positions in contemporary Greek art

Ignoring the trend-obsessed activities of the Young British Artists and their imitators, an intriguing new art scene has recently begun to emerge in Athens. The artists in question are refreshingly unconventional, not only in detaching themselves from the mainstream of the international art market, but also in their relaxed and at times ironic stance towards their own national traditions. Part of what makes them so interesting is that they defy categorisation in the usual art-critical terms.

At a time when Athens is in the public eye as the host city for the 2004 Olympic Games, the European Patent Office is staging on 800 m² an exhibition of twelve positions in contemporary art from Greece. The aim of the show is to focus for the first time on developments that have remained almost unnoticed, alongside the relics of classical antiquity which are so popular with museum-goers and the icon paintings which tourism has made a major export item.

The range of exhibits chosen by the curators with meticulous care, extends from videos and staged photographs to the classic genres of painting and sculpture with a particular focus on conceptual approaches. Some of the installations are site-specific works created for this exhibition. Different as they may be, the twelve positions in this exhibition all share the same rejection of superficial effects and readily consumable artistic event.

In parallel with the exhibition at the European Patent Office, Françoise Heitsch, will be showing a selection of further works by the artists at her Munich gallery (Türkenstr. 34, 80333 Munich, Tue-Fri 14.30-19.00, Sat 11.00-15.00h)


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